Mage Traditions

A “Tradition” is a group of mages that share similar political and ideological ideals. They are large, consisting of hundreds or thousands of mages each, and they span the globe. As a member of a Tradition, a mage:

  • Was trained (upon becoming a mage) by someone who was already a member
  • Practices magic using similar objects, words, and ideas as others in the same Tradition
  • Generally perceives the world through that Tradition’s ‘lens’

Read more about the different Traditions in the documents provided through the link at the bottom of the page. You will need to be able to read PDF files to access them.

A Tradition should be chosen in place of an Order and a Path (which are both found in the Mage: The Awakening book). More about how to make a Mage by my CrAzY made up rules will also be supplied

There are 10 Traditions in all, but only 9 “real ones.” You’ll see what I mean if you end up reading them all (Hint: It’s the one that’s not in alphabetical order).

Akashic Brotherhood
Celestial Chorus
Cult of Ecstacy
Dream Speakers
Order of Hermes
Sons of Ether
Virtual Adepts
Hollow Ones

It occurs to me that some of the vocabulary in these texts may be unknown to you. If you have questions about vocab at any point, do not hesitate to ask.

Mage Traditions

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