Mage Creation Guidelines

For those of you playing Mage there had been talk about how I want to blend the Old World of Darkness lore with the New World of Darkness rules/systems. Unfortunately, the two systems don’t really lend themselves to this. And that is how the following guidelines were born. There is a block of text at the bottom of the un-edited Mage character sheet that acts as a quick reference for making a character. Instead of following those guidelines, follow these.

You can find my revised character sheet for Mage here
Attributes: Prioritize 5/4/3

Abilities: Prioritize 11/7/4 (+4 Specialties)

Choose Tradition: Instead of a ‘Path’ and an ‘Order’ you will choose a Tradition

Tradition Resistance Ruling Inferior
Akashic Brotherhood Resolve Mind/Space Matter
Celestial Chorus Resolve Prime/Forces Death
Cult of Ecstacy Composure Time/Fate Forces
Dream Speakers Composure Spirit/Life Mind
Euthanatos Composure Death/Matter Spirit
Order of Hermes Resolve Forces/Prime Death
Sons of Ether Composure Matter/Death Spirit
Verbena Composure Life/Spirit Mind
Virtual Adepts Resolve Space/Mind Matter
Hollow Ones -- -- --

Assign +1 to the Resistance Attribute listed for your Tradition.
Assign +1 to the Ruling Arcana listed first

Arcana: Your ‘Arcana Pool’ is 5. You may assign an additional +5 in any combination to any Arcana, however, no Arcana may be higher than your Gnosis. You may assign +1 to your Gnosis by subtracting one (-1) from your ‘Arcana Pool’. Your Gnosis may not be higher than 3 at the end of Character creation.

Merits: Browse the ‘Merits’ sections of the “World of Darkness” core book and the “Mage: The Awakening” core book. Choose merits and get GM approval. You receive 8 merit points to spend this way. 4 points may be spent to raise your Gnosis by 1 (no higher than 3), but you may only do this once.

Health = Stamina + Size (default Size = 5)

Willpower = Resolve + Composure

Defense = Dexterity or Wits (Whichever is lower)

Initiative Mod = Dexterity + Composure

Speed = Strength + Dexterity + 5

Wisdom = 7 (default)

Gnosis = 1 (default)

Mana = 7 (Default changes based on Wisdom)

Still need help after all of that? Feel free to ask.

Mage Creation Guidelines

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