Leictreach Coill's Chambers

Leictreach Coill’s Chambers

Leictreach Coill’s chambers branch off to the east of the primary foyer of the sanctum. These chambers include his workshop, forge, primary living quarters, and bedroom. Because of his long run with the Order of Hermes, Leictreach Coill has had most of his needs provided for him by the council for services rendered, and his quarters are not quite “human normal”. Each area of his chambers, with the exception of the entry room, is separated from the rest by some sort of door that bears his symbol.

The main room consist of basic living requirements. Table, desk, chairs, small kitchen, book shelves; a basic living area. The books on his shelf are various writing from the Order as well as other literary works. In the kitchen can be found several blue glass bottles filled with liquid tass.

His bedroom, to the west of his primary living area, contains a hand-crafted oak bed frame, more shelves of books, a dresser containing a wooden jewelry case for his stuff, and a stand for his sword.

To the north of his primary living area is another door that leads to a sparring area for sword practice.

To the east is his woodworking shop. The door to this room is made of oak banded in steel. His workshop is sizeable, and contains many blanks for staves, wands, and rods. Along the north wall hang many woodworking tools, in the center is a sizable work table. Each wall bears Leictreach’s symbol, and a set of wood burning tools lies on the table.

The far east side of the room had a steel banded, oaken trap door in the floor that leads down to his forge. Behind the ladder of in the forge hangs Leictreach’s metal working smock and goggles. the southern end of the room houses the smelting forge, to the north of the room is a cabinet of metal working tools. An anvil sits near the forge. Each side of the trap door has Leictreach’s symbol burned into it. In the center of the western wall of the forge room is an ornately carved door of black ebony with a different symbol in the door. This time the symbol is of a four pointed star surrounded by a circle, a half-lidded eye is in the center of the star.

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Leictreach Coill's Chambers

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