Andrew's White Wolf Campaign

Tensions Rising

Mathias woke up the morning of the meeting extremely ill, and decided to postpone his meeting with Viya.

The wolf pack and the mages decide to attempt to try to investigate into Matrix Initiatives more and try to get the police off of Mathias’ trail.

The consensus is reached that Rowan should go into the police station and give a second “eye-witness” account of the murder to place less suspicion on Mathias.

The station is still busy, bustling with activity. Rowan proceeds to go into the back to give testimony to one of the detectives, Ron, regarding the death of the man in the woods. He gives a similar, but slightly different, description of the man in question and the vehicle that was seen at the scene. The police record his statement, and ask for a way to contact Rowan in the future. He is then escorted out of the station.

Coill searches this Internet thing for three hours to find information about Matrix Initiatives, looking for the founder of the company. He finds the name James A. Marini. He presses the local Hermetics for information on Marini, but finds nothing. He begins looking both online and in the phone book to find an address, with no success. Thus the investigation passes to Rowan.

Rowan is decked out as the ubiquitous business douche to collect some business cards from the building manager for Matrix Initiatives (floor 13) and to then get as much information on the founder of this company and on this office in particular that might help in the defeat of the Man in Black.

Rowan is met by a sea of cubicles and generic office demeanor when he gets to floor 13. He finally finds the office of one John Marini, and proceeds to ask the secretary if he can speak with this man about the building lease. He meets the man and proceeds to investigate the goings on in his own way. After a brief interview, Rowan proceeds to leave. As he gets ready to leave he overhears John Marini say “Yes, he’s leaving now.” On his way out of the office he notices that the secretary is giving him a strange look, and he comes across a pair of young, latin men with yellow headbands waiting outside the staircase.

He is approached by these “gentlemen” and they inform him that he will “ride” with them. They open a panel in the elevator and press a hidden button. The elevator descends….

Rowan attempts to stop the elevators, but is prevented from doing so by the Pure Tribe werewolves.

An attack begins. The first of the Pure Tribe attempts to grab Rowan, and fails to do so. Rowan proceeds to go garou to begin his assault on the Pure Tribe. Rowan proceeds to tear into the wolf that attempted to grab him, and rakes him viciously with his claws. Both the Pure Tribe shift to dalu, and the one nearest the buttons sinks his teeth into Rowan. The other attempts to tear open the elevator doors as his wounds heal. Rowan notices that they are between floors. The wolf near the buttons pries the door open the rest of the way and the Pure Tribe escape, while revealing the garou Rowan to the entire floor outside and forcing lunacy upon the bystanders.

Rowan presses the attack briefly; but, upon regaining some control, he proceeds to jump out of one of the tenth floor windows. Rowan runs out the window directly in front of him. He would reach terminal velocity before reaching the ground if he did not find some way to slow himself down. So, he attempts to grab and slide down the adjacent building. He successful does so and lands safely on the ground.

Upon landing, Jason loses control and promptly attacks the nearest parked car while the public runs around suffering lunacy. He swiftly shifts to urshal and runs off toward the woods.

The other wolves see this and Jason wants to go charging into the office building to find out more. Ryan tries to persuade him that such an action might not be the best course of action. He fails to change Jason’s mind. By the time they finish their “disagreement” police sirens are heard and news choppers have arrived. The police sirens convince Toby that maybe he should leave the area.

The wolf pack meets up at Rowan’s “special place” and he fills them in on what happened.

Toby “breaks up” with the wolves via text, and Coill informs them he wants to have words with Rowan.

Jason starts to pick a fight with Coill. Jason intimidates the magus, and in return the magus summons celestial fire to scorch the wolf.

This will all end in tears….

Toby releases some magic to increase his dexterity against the wolves. Coill draws his sword and ignites his shield in response to being punched by Jason. The fight never erupts, but simply breaks with the pack at odds with the mages. Toby reminds Coill that he could have electrocuted all of the wolves while on the lift out of the sanctum. Coill acknowledges this, but sends them out of the sanctum without destroying them.

Afterwards, Ryan (Matt) voices his concerns to his alpha and declares that he wishes to take the pack for himself. Jason listens to these concerns, but will not stand down from the position. Ryan proceeds to list all of Jason’s faults. Jason feels that he has been slighted, and asks Rowan to give his opinion. The only response: “I follow the alpha.” Jason finally concedes, but assures Ryan that at the first sign of weakness he will take control again in his “usual” way. Ryan takes the role of alpha under the thinly veiled threat by Jason.



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