Andrew's White Wolf Campaign

A world in darkness

The story so far….

In the city of Boulder, CO there are many different spirits and those that maintain them. Recently, four magi have entered the city to set up a cabal. With the help of one of the wolf packs in the area the magus known as Leictreach Coill has set up a sanctum beneath an abandoned outlet mall.

For the past few months, the wolves and the magi have been assisting each other to the best of their abilities in working towards a better area of Boulder.

Over the past couple of days, several men in black suits (technocrats according to Coill) have approached members of the pack and the cabal to ask probing questions.

Last night a wreck of a “pure tribe” werewolf was found by Rowan and brought to the attention of the magi. Despite his valiant efforts, Mathias was unable to help the wolf for long. He did, however, discover that something was implanted in the wolf’s brain by the men in black.

Two of the wolves and Coill took care of the sick wolf, and returned the head to Mathias’ office.

During the time that they were taking care of the wolf, Mathias was approached by one of the men in black, that took notice of a spell he was attempting, and told him to leave the area.

The device that was found in the wolf’s brain was determined to be of technocratic origin and was disabled.

The empty head was taken into the sanctum to Coill’s forge and was thrown into the fire. This released a spirit of suffering into the forge that the wolves managed to fight off, despite a few mopey emo moments.



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