Andrew's White Wolf Campaign

Tensions Rising

Mathias woke up the morning of the meeting extremely ill, and decided to postpone his meeting with Viya.

The wolf pack and the mages decide to attempt to try to investigate into Matrix Initiatives more and try to get the police off of Mathias’ trail.

The consensus is reached that Rowan should go into the police station and give a second “eye-witness” account of the murder to place less suspicion on Mathias.

The station is still busy, bustling with activity. Rowan proceeds to go into the back to give testimony to one of the detectives, Ron, regarding the death of the man in the woods. He gives a similar, but slightly different, description of the man in question and the vehicle that was seen at the scene. The police record his statement, and ask for a way to contact Rowan in the future. He is then escorted out of the station.

Coill searches this Internet thing for three hours to find information about Matrix Initiatives, looking for the founder of the company. He finds the name James A. Marini. He presses the local Hermetics for information on Marini, but finds nothing. He begins looking both online and in the phone book to find an address, with no success. Thus the investigation passes to Rowan.

Rowan is decked out as the ubiquitous business douche to collect some business cards from the building manager for Matrix Initiatives (floor 13) and to then get as much information on the founder of this company and on this office in particular that might help in the defeat of the Man in Black.

Rowan is met by a sea of cubicles and generic office demeanor when he gets to floor 13. He finally finds the office of one John Marini, and proceeds to ask the secretary if he can speak with this man about the building lease. He meets the man and proceeds to investigate the goings on in his own way. After a brief interview, Rowan proceeds to leave. As he gets ready to leave he overhears John Marini say “Yes, he’s leaving now.” On his way out of the office he notices that the secretary is giving him a strange look, and he comes across a pair of young, latin men with yellow headbands waiting outside the staircase.

He is approached by these “gentlemen” and they inform him that he will “ride” with them. They open a panel in the elevator and press a hidden button. The elevator descends….

Rowan attempts to stop the elevators, but is prevented from doing so by the Pure Tribe werewolves.

An attack begins. The first of the Pure Tribe attempts to grab Rowan, and fails to do so. Rowan proceeds to go garou to begin his assault on the Pure Tribe. Rowan proceeds to tear into the wolf that attempted to grab him, and rakes him viciously with his claws. Both the Pure Tribe shift to dalu, and the one nearest the buttons sinks his teeth into Rowan. The other attempts to tear open the elevator doors as his wounds heal. Rowan notices that they are between floors. The wolf near the buttons pries the door open the rest of the way and the Pure Tribe escape, while revealing the garou Rowan to the entire floor outside and forcing lunacy upon the bystanders.

Rowan presses the attack briefly; but, upon regaining some control, he proceeds to jump out of one of the tenth floor windows. Rowan runs out the window directly in front of him. He would reach terminal velocity before reaching the ground if he did not find some way to slow himself down. So, he attempts to grab and slide down the adjacent building. He successful does so and lands safely on the ground.

Upon landing, Jason loses control and promptly attacks the nearest parked car while the public runs around suffering lunacy. He swiftly shifts to urshal and runs off toward the woods.

The other wolves see this and Jason wants to go charging into the office building to find out more. Ryan tries to persuade him that such an action might not be the best course of action. He fails to change Jason’s mind. By the time they finish their “disagreement” police sirens are heard and news choppers have arrived. The police sirens convince Toby that maybe he should leave the area.

The wolf pack meets up at Rowan’s “special place” and he fills them in on what happened.

Toby “breaks up” with the wolves via text, and Coill informs them he wants to have words with Rowan.

Jason starts to pick a fight with Coill. Jason intimidates the magus, and in return the magus summons celestial fire to scorch the wolf.

This will all end in tears….

Toby releases some magic to increase his dexterity against the wolves. Coill draws his sword and ignites his shield in response to being punched by Jason. The fight never erupts, but simply breaks with the pack at odds with the mages. Toby reminds Coill that he could have electrocuted all of the wolves while on the lift out of the sanctum. Coill acknowledges this, but sends them out of the sanctum without destroying them.

Afterwards, Ryan (Matt) voices his concerns to his alpha and declares that he wishes to take the pack for himself. Jason listens to these concerns, but will not stand down from the position. Ryan proceeds to list all of Jason’s faults. Jason feels that he has been slighted, and asks Rowan to give his opinion. The only response: “I follow the alpha.” Jason finally concedes, but assures Ryan that at the first sign of weakness he will take control again in his “usual” way. Ryan takes the role of alpha under the thinly veiled threat by Jason.

In Search of a Technocrat

After the wolves returned to us from the world of spirits we contacted Mitchel about increasing the security on our sanctum. He helped us put in some new locks and a lift (labeled biohazard: raw sewage) with a lock to help prevent unauthorized use of the lift.

From there we put Mathias on the case of attempting to track down the technocrat(s?) that have been searching for us. After he hit a dead end, we gave the task to Mitchel. He, in turn d1ecided to look to the local law enforcement to attempt to gain their help and/or support in his endeavors to find the Man in Black.

During this time, Toby and Steven ran off to bathe together….

As the Magi were having little success tracking down these villains, Rowan took it upon himself to take to the streets to try to find this technocrat while on his normal patrol. He did, eventually, catch sight of a man in black and sent message to Ryan via their totem of the location that the man in black was sighted. Ryan, in turn, was led to the location of the building that the man in black was sighted entering by Racoon the Shadow Climber.

The address that Ryan was led to, 1697 15th street, was a large, glass-faced office building. Coill asked Ryan and Rowan to keep an eye out for the suspicious man (men?) in black and keep him posted on what they find out while he has a coffee and runs a few errands while downtown.

Ryan went into the building to check out the security set-up and to browse the building directory. Among a few general businesses were a few that seemed to be little off; such as NetTrek and Matrix Initiatives….

These business names were passed on to Coill, who then passed them on to Mitchel and Mathias. Mitchel proceeded to search for information on NetTrek, and found the basic business information as well as the name of the CEO.

He then moved on to searching information on Matrix Initiatives. He found that they have their hands in pharmaceuticals and have had a few civil suits filed against them for putting out false news stories through their advertisements. They are known for making anti-depressants as well as supplements to fight the common cold.

Mathias decided to contact Matrix Initiatives to try to procure some of their pharmaceuticals as a means of finding some more information on them. He managed to set up a meeting with a member of human resources for acquiring these drugs, and spoke with Corbin Viya. He gave this name to Mitchel to investigate, and proceeded on his own investigation of the company.

He found that Matrix Initiatives had had two suits filed against them for their drugs. On against one of the anti-depressants and one against a cold remedy. The cold remedy for damage to the nasal cavities, and one for physical damage caused by the anti-depressants. He managed to get the information that the plaintiffs on these suits claimed that their symptoms were worse after taking the prescription than before.

Meanwhile, Ryan and Steven, fresh and clean, looked up Corbin Viya’s address and decided to investigate his home. Ryan thought he caught a whiff of scent that he recognized, but wasn’t entirely certain. He decided to go with Mathias to his meeting with Viya and try to help him if needed.

Rowan stayed behind at the office building to keep an eye out for out Man in Black. He decided to shift into his Dalu form and use one of his gifts to make himself unnoticeable to all passers by. This way he can “sniff out” any suspicious passers by.

Coill took it upon himself to make contact with the local Hermetic mages to ask them about Matrix Initiatives, and the name Corbin Viya. His contacts informed him that this company was a known front, but that they had no information on Viya. Coill immediately contacted Mathias and Ryan, who might be able to easily contact Rowan, that Matric Initiatives was a Technocratic front organization.

Rowan managed to pick up the Man in Black again, sometime after dark, leaving the building and heading toward a parking ramp. He followed the Man in Black into the parking ramp, while keeping his distance and stealth up to the third level of the parking ramp toward his vehicle. He positioned himself in such a manner as to get the make, model, and license number of the car. An Audi license number L5R79Z. He, wisely, decided to hide while the Man in Black left the parking garage.

We all met up at the sanctum to share the information we managed to gather. Mitchel plans on perching on a roof with his rifle to provide cover if needed….

Mitchel decides to file a false police report to get the police on the tail of the Man in Black. We each go about a fairly normal day, while still preparing for a quasi-sting operation for Matrix Initiative. When Mitchel enters the police department to file his report he notices that the police seem to be in a hurry preparing something. Placing items on maps and boards and generally bustling about chaotically. They appear to be getting ready to start a major police effort, the pictures posted around the investigation are of a decapitated body and of Mathias. Mitchel decides not to file his report, instead he texts everyone and decides he needs everyone at the sanctum.

We all meet in Mitchel’s gun range for his big reveal. We probably would have someone coming to visit shortly. Ideas brought up to fix this: change Mathias’ face, mind magic the jurors, openly state that Mathias wasn’t there, matter magic to make the tires degraded enough to not match the tracks. Mitchel decided to agree to try to magically change Mathias’ tires. Mitchel was able to both degrade the tires and change some of the qualities of the tires to prevent them from matching any tracks left at the “crime scene.”

While Rowan stakes out the office building he witnesses a group of six “urban looking” people wearing yellow (latin kings?) that all bear the scent of the crazy wolf we took car of. He tries to commit their faces to memory as they enter the building, and manages to memorize four.

We each spend the evening preparing for the day at hand.

The day of the meeting arrived, and we all took our places….

A world in darkness

The story so far….

In the city of Boulder, CO there are many different spirits and those that maintain them. Recently, four magi have entered the city to set up a cabal. With the help of one of the wolf packs in the area the magus known as Leictreach Coill has set up a sanctum beneath an abandoned outlet mall.

For the past few months, the wolves and the magi have been assisting each other to the best of their abilities in working towards a better area of Boulder.

Over the past couple of days, several men in black suits (technocrats according to Coill) have approached members of the pack and the cabal to ask probing questions.

Last night a wreck of a “pure tribe” werewolf was found by Rowan and brought to the attention of the magi. Despite his valiant efforts, Mathias was unable to help the wolf for long. He did, however, discover that something was implanted in the wolf’s brain by the men in black.

Two of the wolves and Coill took care of the sick wolf, and returned the head to Mathias’ office.

During the time that they were taking care of the wolf, Mathias was approached by one of the men in black, that took notice of a spell he was attempting, and told him to leave the area.

The device that was found in the wolf’s brain was determined to be of technocratic origin and was disabled.

The empty head was taken into the sanctum to Coill’s forge and was thrown into the fire. This released a spirit of suffering into the forge that the wolves managed to fight off, despite a few mopey emo moments.

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